What Is A Domain Name, And Why Should You Need One?

Image portrays the web address(Domain name).

In this blog, I’ll show you how to pick a domain name that’s not only available but also simple to read and understand and leaves a lasting impression on your viewers.  What is a Domain Name? An internet website is identified by its domain name(web address). It is what users enter to access your website […]

What Comes Next After Squarespace Buys Google Domains?

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Google Domains is a well-known domain registrar with several other features, including privacy protection, DNS administration, and domain transfer. Google, on the other hand, just disclosed that Squarespace acquired its domain registration company. If you already have a domain registered with Google Domains, you will soon need to transfer it to Squarespace or any other […]

Next-Level SEO: Areas to Reign in 2023

This picture shows the phrases resulting to the different types of SEO

If you want your website to appear higher on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP), you must understand all the SEO types. The process that makes a website or web page appear more prominently in search engine results pages (SERPs) is called SEO, or search engine optimisation. Each kind of SEO affects a website’s ranking. […]

Squarespace Acquires Google Domains for $180 Million

Image of the Squarespace website.

Squarespace acquires Google Domains for $180 million On June 30, 2023, Google Domains, the company’s domain registrar, will close. Google has sold the assets of Google Domains to Squarespace, a website building and hosting firm. Google Domains was introduced in 2015 to allow people to register and manage their domain names. With over 10 million domains […]

Which SEO Tools Can You Use to UP Your Ranking in 2023?

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SEO tools are no sweat, but which are worth your time and money? We’ve been in the SEO game for a while and have tried various tools. Some of them have been terrific, while others have not been helpful. This blog article provides our top selections for the best SEO tools in 2023. We’ll also […]

SEO in 2023: All that you need to be ahead of the curve

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Are you interested in learning SEO but need help determining where to begin? Learn all you need to know about search engine optimization by reading our comprehensive guide for novices!  Most individuals try to avoid using the dreaded three-letter abbreviation “SEO.” But when you take it apart, it’s not that awful. For instance, you may […]

80 A-Z Digital Marketing Terms & Glossary You should know

A-Z Digital Marketing Terms You Should Know

If you are working in the digital marketing space, it is almost certain that you have encountered a few terms that you need to familiarise yourself with. Whether you are learning digital marketing for the first time or are looking to brush up on your digital marketing knowledge, reading a list of digital marketing terms […]

11 Useful Tips To Design An Effective Landing Page

11 Useful Tips To Design An Effective Landing Page

The goal of a landing page is to create an engaging user experience that encourages visitors to take the desired action, such as signing up for a newsletter or making a purchase. Each landing page should be meticulously designed and tailored to the needs of its target audience. Recent research indicates that every landing page […]

What Is Landing Page? & Why Does Your Business Need One?

What Is Landing Page? & Why Does Your Business Needs One?

What Is A Landing Page? A landing page is a key tool in any digital marketing campaign. It’s a standalone web page designed to drive visitors to take a specific action, such as making a purchase or signing up for a newsletter.  A landing page is designed as part of a larger campaign to funnel […]

WhatsApp Communities: Unique Features & How it works?

WhatsApp Communities: Unique Features & How it works?

WhatsApp has constantly been evolving to provide a better user experience. The Meta-owned messaging app has now introduced several new features that make it more accessible.  WhatsApp replaced lengthy group chats with a feature-rich alternative called WhatsApp Communities. They also introduced incredible features such as big file sharing, 32 people group calls, special tools for […]