2023 Wix And WordPress: Deciding Between the Dynamic Duo

The comparison Statics of Wix and WordPress
Ease of Use810
Design Options89

Wix and WordPress: If you plan to create a website, you might wonder which platform to choose. Both are popular and widely used platforms that offer different features and benefits for website owners. But which is better for your needs, goals, budget, and skills?

In this blog post, we will compare WordPress and Wix on various aspects such as pricing, ease of use, blogging, design, plugins, and data portability. By the end of this post, you will have a clear idea of which platform is more suitable for your website

The Two Top-Selling Website Builders Offer Substantial Choices in Functionality and SEO.

Are you looking for a website builder that offers domain registration, web hosting, marketing, and drag-and-drop website creation all in one package? Wix may be the perfect solution for you. Although WordPress is an open-source CMS, many prefer to compare Wix and WordPress to determine which option is better. Doing so lets you make the best decision for your needs and preferences.

Ease of Use


Building a website is simple with Wix. This is how:

  • An industry-leading drag-and-drop website builder is available on Wix. There is no need for programming knowledge or expertise.
  • Wix manages SSL certificates and hosting, making it simple to get going.
  • Wix is user-friendly even for individuals without coding knowledge and contains extensive capabilities.
  • You may personally construct your Wix site or have its AI technology do it for you.
  • Pick from more than 900 professionally designed templates with integrated widgets and applications.
  • Customisation choices are available for every page element at the press of a mouse.
  • On most items, the Wix support button is prominently displayed.
  • Enter your email and start using Wix immediately after signing up.

You can connect to your unique domain or use Wix.com for free. To use a custom domain, like www.london-flowers.com, you must sign up for one of the premium plans available.


Although WordPress is a user-friendly open-source content management system, more efficient tools are available for creating websites. Setting up a WordPress site requires combining several components, including purchasing a domain name and web host (such as popular providers GoDaddy and BlueHost) and installing WordPress onto the hosting server. It’s also important to consider maintenance, as WordPress system upgrades and backups are only occasionally performed.

Bottom Line

Wix’s user-friendly UI makes it the best option for those without a web-building experience. Be aware that expert HTML/CSS programmers can navigate WordPress easily.

Design Options


Thanks to its many capabilities, you can easily and efficiently create a Wix website. You can start from scratch or choose from over 900 customisable templates. Wix’s AI technology can also design your site for you. Additionally, you can use their Logo Maker to create a stunning logo quickly. Wix stands out from other website builders with its extensive Wix App marketplace, offering numerous apps, widgets, and add-ons. There are specialised features and marketing tools available for various types of businesses. You can even manage your website from your phone using the Wix Owner mobile app.


When updating your WordPress site, any changes to the front-end design are not displayed in real-time. This means that to modify your chosen theme, you will need some basic knowledge of HTML/CSS. If you do not have coding skills, you may accidentally ruin how your website looks to visitors. While switching between different WordPress themes is easy, it only sometimes fulfils your expectations. Some coding adjustments are frequently necessary to achieve your website’s desired appearance and functionality.

Bottom Line

Creating a beautiful website is easier and more enjoyable with Wix, while WordPress may appeal more to programmers and tech-savvy users due to its adaptability.



With Wix’s integrated SEO tools, you can easily enhance your website’s visibility on search engines and increase organic traffic. Features like bulk 301 redirects, immediate homepage indexing on Google, and a connection to Google Business Profile save you time and effort. You can also modify meta tags, structured data markup, and other elements across multiple pages simultaneously. Wix sites are built on a solid technical SEO foundation, so you can focus on growing your business.


WordPress is known for being a highly SEO-friendly platform that makes it easy for search engines to index websites created on it. With minimal technical effort, you can set up your website’s name, tagline, header tags, URL structure, picture alt tags, and other elements. Furthermore, WordPress offers a variety of SEO plugins that allow you to edit meta descriptions, social sharing buttons, and SEO titles for all your pages and articles.

Bottom Line

Both WordPress and Wix have built-in SEO capabilities for better online visibility and search rankings.

Site Scalability

Wix provides top-notch infrastructure for your website, which helps you save both time and money. With multi-cloud hosting and over 200 international CDNs, your website can effortlessly handle billions of daily requests while benefiting from superior performance and security.

The Best Knowledge Base and Support for Website Builders

Wix provides top-notch infrastructure for your website, which helps you save both time and money. With multi-cloud hosting and over 200 international CDNs, your website can effortlessly handle billions of daily requests while benefiting from superior performance and security.

The Best Knowledge Base and Support for Website Builders


Wix provides a range of resources to assist you with any problems. These include email and phone support, numerous video tutorials, tutorials for almost every feature, and more than 200,000 articles published in its Help Centre and YouTube channel. With these resources, you can resolve any issues on your own.


While there is no specific WordPress support team, a large community of WordPress website owners and multiple active user forums are available. It is easy to find WordPress experts, but receiving assistance is ultimately reliant on the skills and availability of others. Unlike Wix, repairing a WordPress website requires technical knowledge.

Bottom Line

Wix provides direct customer support and regularly updates its Help Centre. In contrast, WordPress only offers blogs, forums, and documentation without any support services.



Combo Plan:
Price: $16 per month
Includes: 2GB bandwidth and 3GB storage

Unlimited Plan:
Price: $22 per month
Includes: Unlimited internet and 10GB storage

VIP Plan:
Price: $45 per month
Includes Unlimited internet, 35GB storage, and priority customer service

Business Plans:
Business Basic Plan:
Price: $27 per month
Includes: 20GB storage and essential business features

Business Unlimited Plan:
Price: $32 per month
Includes: 100 transactions with automatic tax computation, 35GB storage, multiple coins, and subscribers

Business VIP Plan:
Price: $59 per month
Includes: 500 transactions with automatic tax computation, 50GB storage, subscribers, multiple currencies, and limitless video hours

All Business Plans also provide:

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Online payments
  • Customer accounts
  • Custom domains
  • Total items
  • Abandoned cart recovery
  • Free environment for the first year


To run a website on WordPress, you must obtain a domain name and web hosting from a third-party provider, as it’s not an all-in-one solution. Typically, a domain name will cost around $20 per year, while web hosting will cost you about $10 monthly. Additionally, premium themes and some extensions are not free. Customising your theme or functionality will likely cost more than a year’s worth of hosting. Therefore, it’s crucial to maintain independence to ensure fair pricing.

Bottom Line

Wix is a great option for creating and managing your website without coding skills. It’s more affordable than WordPress, which may require additional payments for modifications or add-ons.

Payment Methods


Wix simplifies the lives of its users by taking care of all the time-consuming tasks. This includes managing system upgrades and backups, providing notifications about new features and security warnings, and more. All you need to do is upload your content and design your website according to your preferences.


Managing a WordPress website can be challenging as it requires expertise in HTML and CSS and ongoing maintenance. With proper attention, it can quickly become simple.



Creating a website is made easy with Wix’s drag-and-drop builder. They provide hosting and options to purchase a domain. Their user-friendly editor offers three options: start from scratch, use templates, or utilise Velo or AI. A variety of templates are available for different types of websites.


Developers can use WordPress, a free publishing tool, to enhance website functionality and visibility. However, like any other site, setting up a website with WordPress requires a domain name and web hosting.
When selecting WordPress plugins, caution is important as not all can be trusted. Fortunately, a helpful WordPress community offers guidance through blogs and forums on following best practices. This platform is highly capable of managing intricate websites and user databases.



Wix now provides a diverse selection of free content, including images, videos, GIFs, and all the necessary tools to incorporate a blog on your website. Its mobile-responsive sites are equipped with exceptional features such as commenting and blog SEO, enabling readers to access and enjoy your blog while on the move conveniently.


WordPress started as a blogging platform, allowing you to easily publish and organise unlimited blog content on your site thanks to its powerful CMS.

This feature offers almost all of Wix’s blogging tools and also includes some additional ones, such as:

  • An optional privacy setting that hides certain posts from your readers.
  • A comments section exclusively available to WordPress account holders.
  • The ability to backdate blog content.
  • The option to showcase a single image at the start of a blog post.
  • Multilingual support.

Bottom Line

Wix provides users with free pre-made content to enhance their posts, whereas WordPress users must search for their free images.

Wix and WordPress: A Summary

When creating a website, you have two popular options: Wix and WordPress. Wix is ideal for beginners as it is easy to use, whereas WordPress offers more control over customization. If you plan to expand your business, WordPress is the better option. Consider your specific needs before making a decision.

We hope you found our comparison of WordPress and Wix helpful!
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1. Which is better, Wix or WordPress?

WordPress excels in versatility and customisation, ideal for dynamic websites. Assess your needs and tech skills for the right choice.

2. Is WordPress easier to use than Wix?

WordPress is user-friendly and has a drag-and-drop design, making it a preferred option over Wix. However, it may require technical skills for full customisation.

3. Which platform, WordPress or Wix, offers more customisation?

WordPress offers more customisation options with its plugins and themes, while Wix has flexibility in its pre-designed templates.



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