8 Best Website Uptime Monitoring Tools

8 Best Website Uptime Monitoring Tools

Are you an Entrepreneur who doesn’t know how many times his/her website is down in a month? You cannot keep in touch with your website every time. Website Uptime Monitoring tools can help you get notifications when your website goes down. This will help you work with your tech team to understand the issues and sort it sooner so that your business is always available to your customers.

It is important to make sure your website is not down for a prolonged time because it might affect your Google Rankings as well.

Things to Consider while choosing a Website Uptime Monitoring service:

  • No. of URLs
    • Most of the monitoring services allow you to track multiple URLs
  • Monitoring Interval
    • Frequency of monitoring pings to the URLs from the monitoring service.
  • Monitoring locations
    • Geographical location from which the URLs need to be pinged.
  • Types of ping
    • Web monitoring, SSL/TLS Certificate monitoring, TCP/IP Protocol monitoring, DNS Server monitoring, etc.
  • Monitoring History Retention Period
    • Period up to which the monitoring service will keep the history of the monitoring
  • Notification Types
    • Whether you want to be notified by SMS, EMail, Phone call, App notification, etc.
  • Pricing
    • There are a lot of Free services available, and few Paid Services as well.

Uptime Robot

Uptime Robot has 700,000+ users and has recently undergone some major infrastructure upgrades and making continuous improvements to their system. I’ve been using Uptime Robot for the last few years and it is one of the best free website uptime monitoring tools in the market.

Price: Free & Paid plans available.

Website: https://uptimerobot.com

Free Features:
  • 50 Monitors
  • 5 minutes monitoring intervals
  • Free Alerts via Email, Webhook, Twitter, Telegram, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts Chat, Zapier
  • 2 months of logs
  • Monitor Http(s),Keyword, Ping or Port
Pro Plan Features:
  • 50+ monitors, 24 months of logs, Advanced notifications, heartbeat monitoring, etc.



Freshping is a product from the house of Freshworks. Freshping allows to configure upto 10 users for free and this helps setup your team with access to check all your websites. Also allows you to check from 10 Global Locations which is very useful if you have a global user base. Overall Freshping has the most free features available for website monitoring and comes with the authenticity of Freshworks brand.

Price: Free & Paid plans available.

Website: https://www.freshworks.com/website-monitoring/

Free Features:
  • 50 Checks
  • 1 Min interval
  • 10 Global Locations
  • 5 Public Status Pages
  • 10 Users
  • 6 Months Data Retention
  • 5 Integrations – Zapier, Slack, Twilio, Webhook, Freshdesk, Freshservice, Freshstatus (Basic).
  • Http, ICMP Ping, TCP/UDP, DNS Monitoring
Pro Features:
  • 10+ Users
  • 10+ Integrations
  • Custom HTTP Headers
  • Basic Authentication
  • SSL Monitoring
  • SSL Expiration Warnings
  • Downloadable Incident Logs


CULA is a Free active monitoring tool. CULA controls your site’s performance, response time and availability, notifies you about any downtime and allows you to check for content on any sites you choose. What’s more, CULA can monitor your servers and collect essential data.

Price: Free & Paid plans available.

Website: https://cula.io

Free Features:
  • 50 URLs
  • 2 Min interval
  • 5 Servers, FTPs, ICMPs
  • 10 Parameters per server
  • Email, Slack, Pushover, Discord, Custom Alerts
  • 5 Content checks per URL
  • 180 days of history
Paid Features:

Cula offers 3 Paid Pricing plans – Premium, Advanced & Enterprise.

  • From 100+ URLs to Unlimited URLs
  • 10 Servers to Unlimited Servers 
  • 20+ paramters per server
  • upto 30 sec monitoring intervals
  • Unlimited content checks
  • Unlimited history


Statuscake is another website uptime monitoring service. Statuscake has both Free & Paid plans. Statuscake features include website uptime monitoring, Page Speed monitoring, Domain monitoring, Server monitoring & SSL monitoring.

Price: Free & Paid plans available.

Website: https://www.statuscake.com

Free Features:
  • 10 Uptime monitors
  • 5 Min Test interval
  • 1 Page Speed monitor
  • 1 Domain Monitor
  • 1 SSL Monitor
  • Alerts through Integrations
Paid Features:

Statuscake offers 3 Paid Pricing plans – Superior, Business & Enterprise.

  • From 100+ Uptime monitors to Unlimited Uptime monitors
  • Upto 30 sec test intervals
  • 15+ Page Speed monitors
  • 50+ Domain monitors
  • 50+ SSL monitors
  • 3+ Server monitors
  • Reporting


Companies uses Montastic to monitor services and keep people informed during incidents. Discover our monitoring and status pages features, to keep an eye on your services

Price: Free & Paid plans available.

Website: https://www.montastic.io/

Free Features:
  • 9 URL monitored
  • 30 min check interval
  • 1 Status page
  • 20 Subscribers for the status page
Paid Features:

Montastic offers multiple Paid Pricing plans – Plus, Business & Enterprise, Enterprise Plus & Enterprise Max.

  • From 20+ URL monitored
  • 5 min check intervals
  • Multiple status pages
  • 50+ Subscribers of Status pages
  • Monthly SMS


Uptime & performance monitoring made easy. Get website downtime alerts by SMS, phone call or email if your website is down. Uptime.com checks your website availability at one minute intervals from 30 different locations across 6 continents.

Price: Free Trial & Paid plans available.

Website: https://uptime.com

Paid Features:

Uptime offers multiple Paid Pricing plans – Basic, Superior, Business & Enterprise.

  • 10+ monitoring checks
  • Geo location monitoring
  • Monthly SMS credits
  • Third party Integrations
  • Status Pages
  • Scheduled Reports
  • Dashboards


Site24x7 Monitoring service is a solution from the hosting provider. Monitoring Availability and End User Experience Made Simple. Performance Monitoring Solution for DevOps and IT Operations.

Price: Free Trial & Paid plans available.

Website: https://www.site24x7.com/

Paid Features:

Site24x7 offers multiple Paid Pricing plans – Starter, Pro, Classic & Enterprise.

  • 10+ monitoring checks
  • Geo location monitoring
  • Network monitoring
  • Multi-user
  • Third party Integrations
  • 500 MB logs
  • Standard & Premium Support


Website Performance Monitoring Made Easy. We help you gain instant insights into your website’s availability and performance so that you can outsmart competition with an amazing end-user experience.

Price: Free Trial & Paid plans available.

Website: https://www.pingdom.com/

Paid Features:

Pingdom offers multiple Paid Pricing plans – Synthetic Monitoring, Real User Monitoring & Enterprise.

  • Transaction monitoring
  • Page speed monitoring
  • Uptime monitoring
  • User experience monitoring
  • Shareable reports
  • User behaviour metrics



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