A Wonkrew Guide to Drip Marketing Tools in 2024

Drip marketing tools

In the bustling world of digital marketing, staying ahead of the curve requires mastering the art of nurturing leads. Enter drip marketing, a strategic approach that sends automated email sequences based on user behaviour. It’s like a personalised concierge service for your email list, guiding them seamlessly towards conversion. But crafting captivating drip campaigns takes […]

Drip vs. Triggered Emails: Mastering the Art of Automated Follow-Up

Drip vs. Triggered Emails

In the realm of digital marketing, automation is king. It streamlines processes, saves time, and connects you with potential customers. But within the world of email marketing automation, two key strategies emerge: drip campaigns and triggered emails. While both involve sending automated messages, their functions are quite different. Understanding these differences is crucial for crafting […]

4 Winning Email Drip Campaigns Examples

Email Drip Campaign Examples

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, capturing and retaining the attention of potential customers is more challenging than ever. Amidst the constant barrage of information, businesses need strategic tools to cut through the noise and cultivate meaningful relationships with their audience. Enter email drip campaigns – an indispensable asset in the marketer’s arsenal. In this comprehensive […]

Save Time & Book Now: WhatsApp Flows to the Rescue!

WhatsApp icon

Empowering Businesses with Bespoke Customer Journeys Imagine this: a customer needing an appointment with your business simply opens WhatsApp, sends a message, and within minutes, their appointment is confirmed. This is the magic of WhatsApp Flows. What are WhatsApp Flows? Think of WhatsApp Flows as a visual builder specifically designed for WhatsApp. It allows businesses […]

Drip Marketing Campaigns: The Secret to Fan Growth & Sales

Drip marketing campaigns

Have you ever visited a website to be bombarded with emails you didn’t ask for? Annoying, right? Drip marketing is the opposite. It’s like giving website visitors a cool drink of water when they’re thirsty for information—exactly what they need at the perfect time. What is Drip Marketing? Imagine having a super-efficient assistant who emails […]

WhatsApp Website Integration: Your Way to More Sales & ROI

WhatsApp website integration

Hey there, fellow entrepreneur! Are you frustrated by the lack of engagement from your website visitors? Are your emails going unanswered, and you’re missing out on opportunities? Buckle up because I’m introducing you to your secret weapon: WhatsApp website integration. Picture this: a potential customer stumbles upon your website, intrigued by your services or expertise. […]

Explode Reach & Sales: The WhatsApp Business API Advantage!

WhatsApp Business API

Tired of the crickets chirping after your emails and SMS messages vanish into the ether? Marketing in 2024 demands a game-changer, a platform where your audience actively engages. Enter WhatsApp Business API, the revolutionary tool connecting you with 2+ billion active users on their preferred platform – WhatsApp. How to Boost Your Business with WhatsApp […]

Go Big on Engagement This 2024: WhatsApp Business API for Growth

WhatsApp business API - WAP Business icon

Imagine this: you run a thriving e-commerce business, but your customer service is bogged down by endless emails and phone calls. You dream of reaching your audience instantly, providing personalised support, and building stronger relationships. Enter WhatsApp Business API, the game-changer designed for medium and large businesses like yours. To expand your business, you might […]

Dominate 2024 Online: Hire a Winning Digital Marketing Agency

Digital marketing agency

The online world is vast, and navigating it as a business can feel overwhelming. But fear not, brave entrepreneur! You don’t have to wander this digital maze alone. A skilled digital marketing agency can be your compass, guiding you towards brand recognition, increased sales, and a thriving online presence. But with so many agencies, how […]

Boost Productivity with WhatsApp Screen Share Feature

WhatsApp Screen Share Feature

Credits: The Economic Times Hold onto your hats, video call enthusiasts! WhatsApp has just dropped a game-changer! WhatsApp Screen share WhatsApp now has a screen share feature! This is a pretty big deal because it lets you do video calls like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams. It’s a versatile feature that makes WhatsApp even […]