Satish Rajendran

Satish Rajendran


Satish Rajendran started his career as a developer in Cognizant, India. Over the next decade, he moved up the ladder in the United States and managed multi-million dollar projects, primarily in the Insurance domain. Later he joined a product development company, where he worked with several startup founders to build their products. 

Satish has also invested in a few companies and is active in the startup ecosystem. He has recently interacted with and mentored several startups and has exposure across domains. His product knowledge helps validate startup businesses, and he loves connecting the right investors to startups to take them to the next step. 

Satish Rajendran is currently the CEO of Wonkrew; a passionate brand focused on businesses’ digital growth and development. 

His 17+ years of multi-industry experience has helped him work at the intersection of Marketing, Technology & Finance to become a Growth Partner for businesses.